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30 Apr , 2012  

Indian mslim prety girl1

Beautiful and cute Indian muslim girl photo 2 by .in 1

desi cute 3331

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beautiful muslim sister31

Beautiful young chinese Muslim Girls1



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  1. Y.mubarak says:

    Hai i am mubarak . . .cmd your name?

  2. AMARVIJAY says:


    • Lerato Teboho says:

      Hey, my name its Lerato, I’m from South Africa, i do enjoy life even wish to explore and experince, I’m friendly but talkative, i work and even a businessman looking forward to future everywhere i see fit.,. Its been a long living alone got tired looking for a mate especially of my race.,. Now I’m interested to have someone different whose beautiful, intelligent, who do stand herself by all ways.,., though who wanna be loved.,., anyway my name Lerato, means Love.,. And my other name Teboho, means Thanks.,. I wish i could know any of you.,.,

  3. sachin bro says:

    Haiiiiiiiiiiiiii dooooooooood…

  4. faizal says:

    i need good girl for marry ensha allah

  5. I am a practicing Indian muslim handsome,intelligently educated and solvent.I have resided in the U.K (near London) for the past 45 years since leaving India with my family in 1967.I would like to know,what does it take to find an Indian or any muslim lady for marriage! I have tried social-medias,marriage sites and by word of mouth.But to no avail no success at all.Is there no one in this whole wide world,who is willing to become my wife,bestfriend and my soulmate.My faith is incomplete till my better half comes along and completes me.In the Holy Qur’an Allah says ” I have made you in pairs” so where is my other part of the pair?Surely not every muslim woman can’t be heartless,i am sure there are still good and piou and loving ladies who exsist in this cruel and wicked world of ours.Please get in touch with me if you are Allah fearing,at my email address.Sheikh Mohammad yousaf: supplied on request)

  6. mejed says:

    aselamu alikum every bady

  7. shaan shaikh says:

    I like ur pic nice n beautiful

  8. Sam a. Cota says:

    I proud to be a muslim and i love islam.

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